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Anna Jaquith, LMT

Anna Jaquith is a licensed massage therapist, certified biofield tuning sound healing practitioner and yoga instructor. Since 2014, Anna has enjoyed learning and practicing several types of bodywork and sound healing therapies. Over the years she has come to favor gentle techniques and finds that working with subtle energies often creates the deepest change.  Anna enjoys helping her clients with Biofield Tuning Sound Healing, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and a form of Japanese movement therapy developed by Dr. Keizo Hashimoto called Sotai. Although these techniques look quite different, what they have in common is a profoundly therapeutic effect on the nervous system which supports whole-system health. 

During a bodywork, biodynamic cranial sacral therapy or biofield tuning sound healing session, clients remain fully clothed and receive treatment on a massage table.  Anna uses a trauma-informed, client-centered approach to care. As she works, her overall emphasis is on listening to the body and allowing the wisdom of the body to guide the session. It is common for Anna to incorporate sound vibration therapy into her bodywork sessions by using tuning forks on acupuncture points and channels. The use of tuning forks on the body improves flow in the meridians and invites balance between the 5 phase elements. When sound vibration is introduced to physical tissue it stimulates the production of nitric oxide which signals a therapeutic cellular response and helps ease muscular tension. 

 In a Biofield Tuning session, audible tuning forks are used in the human biofield to detect and correct vibrational disharmony that seems to be mapped in the space around the body. Starting from about 5-6 feet away from the body, it is possible to detect and transform information which speaks to a lifetime of emotional experience and ancestral patterning. This subtle yet profound work often results in deep personal transformation, improved well-being and a more empowered relationship to self and others. 
Anna has a warm, intuitive approach that her clients find calming and centering. She is a natural teacher and is passionate about her work with the body, her sessions are collaborative and educational as well as quiet, relaxing, restorative and empowering. This summer of 2019 she looks forward to completing her graduate degree and expanding her practice to include acupuncture in Portland, Oregon.