Beth Hazzard, L.Ac.

I began my journey as a body worker 25 years ago at East-West College of the Healing Arts.  I was in search of an Eastern modality and what I found was Shiatsu. Shiatsu felt clear and true, offering fascinating theory based in the classics of Chinese medicine. I found the palpation based assessment and meditative intention that informed the techniques compelling.

 After practicing both Shiatsu and Swedish massage for 10 years,  I knew it was time to further my studies. That’s when I met my teacher, Pauline Sasaki. Studying with Pauline changed my life. She had developed what she called Quantum Shiatsu. I was blown away by her teachings and quickly incorporated this new work into my practice. From then on I exclusively practiced Shiatsu. I continued my studies with Pauline and found further inspiration during my post -graduate program at the Shiatsu College of England. 

My interest in Chinese medicine grew and I decided to enroll as a Masters student at OCOM. It was the very next day that I received a call from OCOM asking me to TA in their Shiatsu department. I was thrilled and soon moved on to teach.  I became deeply interested in qigong during my studies at OCOM and began a separate course of study with the Ling Gui International Healing School. My beloved teachers, Master Liu He and Doctor Liu Dong, offered a Daoist theoretical perspective that explained the spiritual aspects of the medicine. Qigong gave me an opportunity to cultivate my own qi and deepened my energetic connection during treatments. 

 My clinical offerings include Shiatsu, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and Qigong Tuina.  I am deeply moved by my work in this world and feel blessed to have a practice that supports others on their journey toward optimal health and well-being.