Class Descriptions

Barre/Mat Pilates Fusion

Set to energizing music and inspired by ballet, this class will blend Total Barre and Mat Pilates. Concepts learned on the mat will be utilized during the standing barre work to ensure safe and effective movement. Incorporating the Basic Principles and core stability into every exercise, this class will challenge your strength, endurance, and coordination.  Appropriate for all levels, as exercises can be modified to meet every student's needs. 

Candlelight Restorative Yoga

Pairing restorative yoga poses, aromatherapy, and the soothing ambiance of candlelight, this class is designed with some serious nervous system nourishment in mind. Opening with slow, gentle movement, guided by breath to allow you to drop into your body fully. With the support of yoga props, you will rest in grounded poses while Jessica provides gentle hands on adjustments to assist with deeper settling into the pose. This self-care practice is all about slowing down and taking care, with seasonally specific support weaved into each class.

Community Mindful Pilates (sliding scale $5-15)

Focus on Pilates Fundamentals to promote mind body connection. Breathe. Move. Stretch. Strengthen.

Community Vinyasa (sliding scale $5-15)

Come, come, whoever you are! All levels are welcome to Community Vinyasa. Class begins with call & response chanting , breathwork, or a meditation practice and moves through a comprehensive, alignment-focused sequence with options to modify shapes. 

Community Slow Flow and Restore (sliding scale $5-15)

Fondly referred to as “Floppy Flow”, this community class creates space to slow down, check in with your breath and body, and move in ways that feel nourishing. Class begins with call & response chanting , breathwork, or a meditation practice and moves through a combination of a gentle flow and restorative shapes. Come catch a long exhale! 

Family Yoga

Move, breath and practice mindfulness as a family. In this class we sing songs, tell stories and play games to help encourage movement and physical exploration in your little one. Adults are encouraged to join in as we model fun and safe movement that strengthens the brain-body connection. Adults plus one child is $10, and $5 for each additional child.


Nia’s 60-minute workout, to empowering, soul- stirring music, is perfect for all ages and body types. Engage your body in joyful movement that blends martial arts, dance, and yoga.  This is an easy-to-follow, accessible approach, which makes it fun and easy for those new to Nia. Step in, be moved by the music, and experience sensation, fitness, and self-expression. Wear yoga clothes that make you feel comfortable.

Pilates for Everyone

Incorporating the Basic Principals of Pilates, these classes focus on utilizing core and postural muscles to create a strong, healthy and balanced body.  Perfect for all fitness levels.

Shamanic Breathwork

A time to drop in with your breath and chakra attuned music. Listening, experiencing, feeling and knowing that which you need to bring clarity, vision and life force energy (passion) into your life. Life is a cycle and we are here to continue the personal process of letting go and rebirth of the new. Register for Shamanic Breathwork here.

Soul Flow Sundays

Will focus on celebrating the morning with a slow start and meditation, warming into sun salutations, and ending with a restorative pose and full Savasana.

Soul Flow Sundays 2.0

This class mirrors our earlier Soul-Flow Sundays class, adding more challenging peak poses and building more heat. Mellow modifications offered, so all levels are welcome.