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We are delighted that you are interested in holding your workshop in our space. Please use the form below to provide the details we need to get your event booked. Want to ask a question first? Please email

Wild Hearts promotes every event taking place in our studio via the Our Calendar section of our site. As a courtesy, we also promote via newsletter, Instagram and Facebook whenever possible. Please fill the form out completely so we have all the information necessary to help spread the word about your event. Use succinct, lively language and include fun tidbits that YOU find interesting. This is your chance to make your event shine!

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Please email AT LEAST one image representing your event to with the name of your event as the subject of the email. The more compelling images you can share, the more likely we are to share across platforms. Personal, engaging, high quality images will generate more interest in your event. If you share art that does not belong to you, please be sure you have the artist’s permission and let us know who to credit.

Once we process your submission, we will get in touch to confirm a date and time for your gathering. We will also provide a means of payment and guidelines for using and leaving our lovely space. Please understand that we are unable to begin promoting your event until you have paid in full. Thanks again for your interest in using our space. We look forward to hosting your unique offering!

Thanks, The Wild Hearts Team :)