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Krystal Meyer, LMT

Krystal has been practicing massage therapy for over two years. She was led to the North West from the Colorado Rockies to pursue her passion in alternative medicine, falling in love with direct support and nourishment that healing touch brings. 

Krystal specializes in Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Craniosacral and Tui Na. Each modality holds an essential way of engaging with the body. She has a talent for synthesizing these modalities, tailoring each session precisely for her clients needs and well beings. Krystal maintains a deep trust in our body’s innate healing wisdom and avidly believes that when one facet of our being is affected, so too are the others in a harmonious and symbiotic way.  Massage to Krystal is far from being a luxury; it is a valuable resource that leads to a more embodied and fulfilling life.