Lindsey Reynolds, LMT

Connecting with movement and the body has been a lifelong passion and continuous unfolding for Lindsey. For as long as she can remember she has been fascinated with exploring the possibilities presented when one is deeply in tune with the body, the Earth, and the subtle qualities that connect us all. 

 Bodywork sessions are best described as deep listening using the integration of relaxation and deep tissue techniques, following the breath, myofascial release, structural integration, energy work and cranial sacral therapy. The process is ever evolving and is dependent on the individual and what is most needed that day and in each moment. Lindsey works slowly to access the deep spaces in the body, most often through gentle yet grounded techniques which allow the space for the body to unwind at it’s unique pace. 

Listening to the Earth and observing the rhythms of nature are what most inspire Lindsey and connect her to this work. Her passion for bodywork continues to grow as she allows life experiences, as well as intuition, to guide this journey.