Mandy Corr, LMT

Mandy has always had a love for movement therapy whether it be in the active form of dance, yoga, or running or the passive form of receiving bodywork. As a classical ballerina for 13 years she spent her formative years pushing her body’s edges, creating more space within and enjoying the benefits of that work.

Now her education and experience as bodyworker offers a functional understanding of the importance of a healthy, fluid body. Since becoming a massage therapist in 2002 she has developed a style that is truly unique to her. Mandy incorporates slow, deep-tissue work coupled with purpose and patience. Her clients leave their treatments with less tension in their body and deeply relaxed. Many have said that they have never felt so relaxed during a treatment before. Though most of her work can fall under the umbrella of deep tissue when the situation presents itself she’ll incorporate myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, cupping and/or gua sha.