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Mary Wagstaff

Mind Body Coach, Yoga Teacher

The work I offer one on one and in a group setting is a combination of my two decade long love affair with yoga and mindfulness practices as a teacher and student. My degree in human development was strongly focused in trauma resilience and coping. More specifically, on how internal resources can be built and strengthened to achieve a level of personal success and ability to overcome adversity. These principals guide my approach to teaching, coaching and life. 

My education, skill set and passions blend themselves seamlessly into a beautiful offering I call, Mind Body Coaching. I am also a Personal Trainer, adding another dynamic offering for clients who wish to build their physical strength as a tool for confidence and personal power. I encourage my clients to look at their movement practices not as something to be checked off of a to-do list, but as a ritual of self inquiry, love and ultimately, of creating more peace in the world.

I hold space for people while we explore how to reduce and manage worry, sadness and blame, created though limiting beliefs, buffering emotions with false pleasures and confusion of how to live an authentic life. We look at the mind, body, heart and our truest essence to fully understand how to be still and move forward with our goals and desires through faith in ourselves. I am here to help you set your life intention. To define how do you want to be in the world, apply that to every situation, thought and action you take.

When you are crystal clear about your truest intentions and values for how you want to show up in life, your thoughts are created from a place of deep knowing rather than reacting to whatever life throws at you based on old belief patterns. Here you will discover happiness is available to you now. I tailor all of my services to the ever evolving uniqueness of the clients I serve.  In the wild wheel of this wonderful life, there is room for you here.