Massage and Bodywork


Syndee Fry, LMT

Guided Energy Work, Pre-Natal, Relaxation Massage

Syndee Fry is a professional massage therapist in the Portland area and brings 14 years of experience treating clients. She delivers a powerful combination of experience, intuition and confidence in each massage to those that need rest, relaxation and relief from modern day aches and pains.…READ MORE


Mandy Corr, LMT

Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral

Mandy has always had a love for movement therapy whether it be in the active form of dance, yoga, or running or the passive form of receiving bodywork. As a classical ballerina for 13 years she spent her formative years pushing her body’s edges, creating more space within and enjoying the benefits of that work. Now her education and experience as bodyworker offers a functional understanding of the importance of a healthy, fluid body. Mandy incorporates slow, deep-tissue work coupled with purpose and patience…READ MORE


Alexandria Jester, LMT

Deep Tissue, Craniosacral, Trigger Point , Reflexology

Alexandria is a Licensed Massage Therapist and life coach. Her work is rooted in mind-body care, trauma-informed practices, and fierce tenderness. Experiences of trauma ushered Alexandria into the work of healing and resiliency. Through mindfulness, bodywork and community she was able to reclaim a sense of wholeness in her body and life again. She partners with clients to empower healing, wholeness, and radical flourishing in their lives.  Alexandria is passionate…READ MORE


Anna Jaquith, Certified Biofield Tuning Pracitioner, LMT

Sound Balancing, Gentle Asian Bodywork

Anna Jaquith is a licensed massage therapist, certified biofield tuning sound healing practitioner and yoga instructor. Since 2014, Anna has enjoyed learning and practicing several types of bodywork and sound healing therapies. Over the years she has come to favor gentle techniques and finds that working with subtle energies often creates the deepest change.  Anna enjoys helping her clients with Biofield Tuning Sound Healing, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy...READ MORE


Niema Lightseed Wilson, LMT

Therapeutic Fusion Bodywork, Reiki, Pre-Natal Massage

Niema Lightseed Wilson is a licensed massage therapist and priestess of the new paradigm dedicated to transforming oppression through embodiment education, linguistic analysis, art, and ritual. A healing artist since 2004, she offers therapeutic bodywork and creativity coaching, teaches about the convergence of liberation politics and somatic awareness, writes and performs medicinal poetry, creates community ceremonies, and seeks the marrow of life through...READ MORE


Lindsey Reynolds, LMT

Myofascial Release, Craniosacral, Pre-Natal Massage

Connecting with movement and the body has been a lifelong passion and continuous unfolding for Lindsey. For as long as she can remember she has been fascinated with exploring the possibilities presented when one is deeply in tune with the body, the Earth, and the subtle qualities that connect us all.  Bodywork sessions are best described as deep listening using the integration of relaxation and deep tissue techniques, following the breath, myofascial release, structural…READ MORE