Spotlight on Shalom Mayberg

Shalom Mayberg is well known and loved around town for his blissful healing sound baths, and Wild Hearts is delighted to host Shalom and his crystal bowls for monthly sessions through the winter. Wild Hearts yoga teacher Bryn got to ask Shalom a few questions about his journey with sound healing ahead of his next session in the studio on Sunday, November 18th. Find Shalom online here and on Instagram here, and read on for more!


Bryn: How did you get into sound healing?

Shalom: Early on, during my yoga teacher training, I really enjoyed chanting mantra and offering guided meditations, certainly a form of sound healing. Later on, crystal bowl sound healing really found me! I did go to 2 or 3 sound baths down in South Florida and had incredible experiences each time, then, after returning from a long trip to India, my teacher and I connected and I studied under her for 2 years. 

B: How would you explain crystal bowls to someone who has never heard of one?

S: I would tell them that listening and experiencing a crystal bowl sound bath is like getting a massage from the inside out. it's not always the most comfortable but in the end, you feel incredible. I would also say that during the experience you can release a lot of old trauma and reach some wonderful levels of bliss.  

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B: What’s your favorite part about offering a crystal bowl sound bath?
S: Being able to help so many people heal mind, body, and spirit. The stories that people will share with me afterward are so out of this world and yet make total sense. I also receive the benefits of the sound baths each time I play so its a win-win!

B: What’s your favorite part about offering a sound bath at Wild Hearts? :)

S: I love all the windows, the natural light, and the plants. I feel like we are in a glass house deep in the jungle. Maura is also the sweetest and I love seeing her each time I am there. 

B: How did you get linked up with Wild Hearts in the first place? I know you and Maura have known each other for quite some time. 

S: Maura and I met a while back through another person who was working on a project to link up extraordinary people and, together, share our gifts. We all met in Maura's dining room over a delicious homemade lunch and drank warming handcrafted teas. Later on when she opened WHW she contacted me and the rest is history. 

B: What projects (s) are you working on right now that you’re most excited about?

S: I just finished teaching a 3-day weekend workshop. I am training people to play the crystal bowls and listening to their ideas of where and for who they want to play is heartwarming and I am beyond grateful! I am also getting ready to train yoga teachers in yin and restorative yoga. I see a real need for yoga practitioners to step it down a notch from the power yoga scene and slow things down, breathing and feeling more.  


Shalom’s next sound bath at Wild Hearts is coming up on Sunday, November 18th from 2- 3:30 pm. Bring your mat, your cozy things, and relax on your back while Shalom takes you on a journey. Sign up here!

All photos c/o Shalom Mayberg