Chinese Medicine for Low Back Pain

Have you ever reached down to pick up something (big or small) and then felt that sudden twinge in your low back? That half a second where you realize that you may not be standing or walking your normal way for the next few days or weeks. The list of reasons why people suffer from low back pain is long. The list of ways to treat it doesn’t have to be.

In Chinese Medicine, we not only evaluate the reasons as to why someone first started experiencing back pain, we also look at the overall picture of a person to better understand what other pieces could be involved.

Acupuncture locally in the low back area as well as points to help Qi and Blood flow properly throughout the body are helpful. Acupuncture point BL40 is often used for low back pain. It is located at the back of the knee, is said to “command” the lumbar region and it’s Chinese name is translated as “supporting middle.”

With needles inserted, an electrical stimulation machine may be used. Wires are connected to the inserted needles and an electric current is sent. Studies have shown that this current can increase neural activity, create an analgesic effect, improve circulation and improve overall tissue health.

After acupuncture treatment, I often suggest cupping therapy for low back pain. Most of my patients enjoy cupping and compare it to a deep massage. The cups help to promote new blood flow and loosen muscles.

A Chinese Medicine practitioner may also suggest herbal treatment. This can be in a variety of forms such as tincture, pills or topical. In my practice, I offer a combination of herbs in either tincture or pill form as well topical aids like Po Sum On oil and CBD salve.

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Britanie Kessler, LAc. is an acupuncturist and herbalist at Wild Hearts Wellness in NE Portland, OR. Click here to learn more about her or to book an appointment.