Our March Practitioner practices acupuncture on Saturdays (and is offering your first session free)!

Practitioner: Amber Howard, L.Ac.

Modalities: Acupuncture and Herbalism

Busy on weekdays? Us too. Amber offers acupuncture on Saturdays from 10 am -6 pm  New patients can schedule your free first session with Amber here (you might even find a slot available day of). As our practitioner for the month of March, we asked Amber a few questions about her current favorite ritual, where she’s focused in her practice, and the camaraderie at Wild Hearts.

You’ve joined the Wild Hearts team fairly recently and are offering Acupuncture on Saturdays. What’s it like to be part of this community?

I am thrilled to be a part of the Wild Hearts community.  It is an inspiration to me to be working within a women run business and to feel the camaraderie and support of all of the other practitioners I have met thus far.  My Saturday crew with the other two massage therapists has been such a delight.  It's amazing to get to know and witness other women in business and what can happen when we empower each other.  I think there is tremendous potential to continue to grow our wellness center as a resource for the community in a variety of ways.  I'm excited to be here at this stage of this evolving, creative process!  

What are you focused on with your practice right now? What’s really alive for you?

In my practice I'm interested in the ways the nervous system is involved in any pattern that's held in the body, mind and spirit.  I think there can be memory, events and other things that can get stuck in different ways in our experience of living.  Sometimes there's words or even poems that can help move these things, but other times it's wordless and held solely in the tissues.  I am involved in finding all kinds of ways of utilizing the basic senses to create a space where those deeper levels of healing can be accessed.  For this reason, I love incorporating essential oils and beautiful smells, gentle touch, craniosacral and myofascial release to open and create space.  The body already knows what to do!  Simply taking the time to be met in an environment of calm, relaxation and safety the body can to begin to unwind.

The theme at the studio this month is ritual— exploring and honoring the many ways we translate our dreams into concrete reality. What’s a favorite ritual these days?

I love ritual!  This is a beautiful question, and one that I want to spend my life exploring in different ways. I have many small daily rituals that nourish my body and spirit.  A simple meditation of being with my breath through sitting and letting go at the beginning of my day is essential.  I also have a ritual of recording my sleeping dreams from the night before each morning, and am continually in awe of the symbols that emerge through that process.  But my most recent ritual involves a stretching routine I learned from an 82 year old Chinese Taiji Master.  He taught how each morning we can stretch our arms up, palms open to the sky and receive all the energy and gifts from the sun and yang energy of the Heavens.  Then we can bring our arms down to our sides palms open as the yin energy of the Earth welcomes our surrender.  He says that by the time he does this on his way to the bathroom he's already 10 years younger!  


Amber’s speciality involves a combination of bodywork, aroma acupoint therapy and deep listening and then utilizing acupuncture as needed for areas of greatest tension or to help release stuckness.  She encourages you to explore the benefits of acupuncture and bodywork and the opportunity to take time for yourself to reset, realign and heal. Amber practices acupuncture on Saturdays from 10 am -6 pm and is offering new patients their first session free! Book your appointment here.