Why Chinese Medicine can seriously help your headaches

Headaches. Most people experience one at some point in their life. Some people experience them too intensely or too often, and it interferes with their daily life.

Whether the catalyst, the symptoms, the duration, etc., each person’s headache is a little different.

Large-scale clinical studies have shown that acupuncture has significant advantage over treating headaches and pain than other conventional methods.

One of the incredible aspects of Chinese Medicine and why it has had success in treating pain and headaches may be that it looks at the individual on the whole, not just “another person with a headache.”

Before performing acupuncture, a Chinese Medicine practitioner will investigate where the headaches occur, at what time of day, what precipitating factors exist, how the pain is described. These questions will help the practitioner to piece together a pattern for the headaches and then to treat accordingly.

For example, someone with headaches at the base of the skull may experience them in the mornings, before menstruation, and are described as dull. Someone else with a similar headache but occurring on the right side of the head instead of base of head may be diagnosed with a different pattern and different acupuncture points will be used.

This is one of the biggest strengths of Chinese Medicine, looking at individuals and their patterns instead of symptoms and similarities.

Britanie Kessler, LAc. is a licensed acupuncturist and herbal medicine practitioner at Wild Hearts Wellness in Portland, OR.