On practice and new beginnings with Bryn, our April teacher of the month

Teacher: Bryn Morgan 

On the schedule:  Community Slow Flow & Restore Wednesdays from 7:15 pm- 8:45 pm


Wild Hearts: What’s alive in your practice right now?

Bryn: Doing exactly what feels good and going where my body naturally heads without any big agenda. I’m doing a lot of shoulder stretches, broken toe pose and restorative shapes these days, and loving it. My teachers, Sean Johnson and Mitchel Bleier, encouraged my teacher training cohort to teach straight from our own (current) practice, and that feels good to me. What else is there? It keeps me honest.

I’ve been offering a meditation to start class just as often as call and response chanting these days, which is a new balance. I’m tending towards spaciousness and quiet over stories, simplifying instead of adding layers. I always serenade my students at the end of class, though ;)

WH: It’s spring! What new beginnings are you most stoked on and inspired by right now?

B: The smell of the spectacular flowers blooming all over Portland. When it’s been overcast and clears near the horizon at sunset, and it smells fresh because of the rain. The sweet kitty soul my partner and I adopted just a few months ago! Creating new patterns.

WH: You’ve been at Wild Hearts for over a year now! What’s it like being part of this community? 

B: Maura, Britanie and I handed out candy to trick or treaters on Halloween, and heard over and over and over from the cute families coming up the stairs how incredibly good it smelled in our space. I don’t know how I didn’t notice before, but ever since then I’m nearly bowled over every time I reach the top of the stairs by that warm, comforting smell. That’s what it’s like here— incredibly comforting, warm and gentle. I think it’s so cool that Maura put into practice donating our class proceeds to a different PDX non-profit every month. Proud to be a part this community! 

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Bryn teaches Community Slow Flow and Restore on Wednesday evenings. Fondly referred to as “Floppy Flow”, Bryn’s class creates space to slow down, check in with your breath and body, and move in ways that feel nourishing. Class begins with call & response chanting, breathwork, or a meditation practice and moves through a combination of a gentle flow and restorative shapes. Come catch a long exhale!  All levels welcome. Sign up here or drop-in and pay what you can on a sliding scale from $5-15.