A conversation with our Practitioner of the Month, Anna J, on her journey with sound healing & energy medicine

Anna Jaquith, LMT is our Practitioner of the Month for June. After reading Anna’s recent post discussing the buzz about sound healing, we asked her to share more about the journey that led her to sound healing and energy medicine. Read on for her story!

AJ: My interest in sound really began when I was in the sixth grade. My Dad’s friend gave me an old Sears and Roebuck turntable and I quickly became hooked on buying records with the pittance of weekly chore money I earned. I still have the first three records I ever bought...Ozzy Osbourne’s Blizzard of Oz, Bauhaus’ Mask and an Alan Parsons Project record.  Music became a huge part of my life and helped me get through a lot of the pains of growing up. As I got little older, I worked at record shops in both Minneapolis and Portland and I started DJing at bars and house parties in the cities where I lived. Eventually I started a small business as a mobile disc jockey and would do special events like weddings and birthday parties and things like that. 

I got interested in energy medicine after an injury, which really turned out to be a wake-up call to slow down and take a break from the party life. I had mysteriously lost all feeling in one of my legs for a couple weeks, did not have health insurance and was not sure what to do. A friend’s brother’s girlfriend happened to be a massage therapist and she agreed to give me a few energy & bodywork sessions on trade.  The two sessions I had were incredibly powerful. I had a mental, emotional, spiritual kind of breakthrough which seemed to liberate some very stuck energy in me that I didn’t even know was there causing such a problem to begin with.  After my “stuck energy” shifted during these sessions, I realized that there was something problematic about the way I was drinking and that if I continued along that trajectory my life might end as early as some of rock musicians I loved, or my friends who died too young. The bodywork and energy work I received also gave me an awareness, maybe for the first time in my life, that I did in fact have a physical body and that maybe it would be prudent to try and treat it with more respect.  I started taking small steps to change my old habits, found a lot of support through movement therapy like yoga, and eventually I grew motivated to learn how to help others in similar predicaments get “un-stuck” too.  

Fast-forward a lot of years and now I am grateful to have found a way to merge my love of sound with a strong conviction in the capacity of energy work and bodywork to catalyze positive life-changing results for people.  I believe that gentle, non-invasive energy medicine, sound healing therapy, movement and bodywork can help to change lives in profound ways and that sometimes all it takes is a session or two to help us heal from old wounds that have been preventing us from stepping into our own truth, power and authority. Some of the effective techniques I use to support people on their journeys are  Biofield Tuning Sound HealingCranial Sacral Therapy and Gentle Interactive Bodywork.  To learn more about these techniques or to book on my website, visit: www.annajaquith.com . If you have questions, please call 503-922 –3233 (landline/no text).