Niema Lightseed Wilson, LMT

Therapeutic Fusion Bodywork, Reiki, Pre-Natal Massage

Niema Lightseed Wilson is a licensed massage therapist and priestess of the new paradigm dedicated to transforming oppression through embodiment education, linguistic analysis, art, and ritual.

A healing artist since 2004, she offers therapeutic bodywork and creativity coaching, teaches about the convergence of liberation politics and somatic awareness, writes and performs medicinal poetry, creates community ceremonies, and seeks the marrow of life through a variety of meditative and creative disciplines. As a full-figured woman of color navigating the intersection of multiple forms of oppression while determinedly seeking the joy that is our true nature, she strives to create safer spaces where the structures we have inherited can be transmuted and the work of seeing, accepting, and celebrating the fullness of the human experience is possible.
Her specialized bodywork is an intuitive and skilled fusion of techniques designed to both treat the physical causes of pain and dysfunction and serve the wellness of the whole person.

* Therapeutic Fusion Bodywork
Transformative sessions that blend a variety of modalities: • Deep Tissue Massage • Neuromuscular Therapy (Trigger Point Release) • Myofascial Massage • Swedish (Relaxation) Massage • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (Muscle-Energy Technique) • Structural Bodywork • Breathwork • Reiki Energywork • Thorough Pain & Range of Motion Assessment • Stretches, exercises, and other take-home tools • Aromatherapy • Guided visualization and meditation.

* Auto Accident (MVA) Massage
A medical massage treatment designed to support healing and recovery from a car collision, billed to your auto insurance (PIP or liability). Bodywork (deep tissue, neuromuscular, myofascial, and structural work) to release pain and tension in the neck, back, shoulders, pelvis, and other affected areas + energywork to balance the nervous system and reduce post-accident trauma. A current doctor's prescription or referral required, insurance coverage must be verified before the session. Please allow 90 minutes.

* Craniosacral Therapy
A subtle and potent form of bodywork that works with the cerebrospinal fluid to support the structures of the central nervous system. A clothes-on, light touch modality that focuses on the head, neck, and lower back but affects the entire body, inviting deep relaxation, increased circulation, and resolution of tension patterns. Can relieve headaches and many other conditions affecting the head, jaw, and/or nervous system.

* Neuromuscular Therapy (Trigger Point Release)
Neuromuscular Therapy (Trigger Point release) uses a variety of deep tissue and muscle energy techniques to relieve chronically tight muscles. It works with both the tissue and the nervous system to enable lasting pain relief and positive change.

* Prenatal Massage
Relaxing and therapeutic treatments focused on the special needs of expecting mothers. Side-lying positioning is used to prevent putting pressure on the abdomen, and the sessions include a blend of modalities to address pains and tension specific to pregnancy and older conditions. Pregnant clients must have a "normal" pregnancy and a note from a midwife or other health care provider indicating that you can safely receive massage.

* Reiki Energywork Experience
Rei ~ Ki, named after the subtle wisdom that guides true life-force energy and the connection of universal energy with personal energy, is a profound and gently powerful modality that supports the body's own healing journey. These clothes-on relaxing sessions include sound healing, breath awareness practices, and aromatherapy. Clients have reported greater relaxation, self-awareness, immunity, nervous system balance, more rapid recovery from illness and injury, and more self-love after Reiki sessions.

* Creative Musing: Visionary Coaching
Have an idea bursting from within you, but uncertain of the next steps? Feel the call to share your words and wisdom in a book, play, course, business or creative project, but not sure how? Know that you want to be more creative but unsure how?Through an inquiry process that is a blend of channeling, challenging, and cheerleading we will tease out your Muse and help you both clarify your vision and discover the next steps towards the manifestation of your creative dream.

* Personally-tailored Private Hatha Yoga Class
Mindful movement and meditation to support positive transformation from the inside out. Hatha yoga is a holistic approach that includes postures (asana), breath awareness (pranayama), gestures (mudra), philosophy and meditation. It is an excellent adjunct to the bodywork that harmonizes, enhances, and extends the benefits of our table work.