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Crystal Bowl Sound Bath with Shalom Mayberg

Join us for an evening of high vibrational crystal bowl sound healing! These bowls, made from pure crystal quartz, will leave you feeling nourished, balanced, radiant, and bright. Crystal bowl sound baths help promote deep relaxation, relieve stress, and allow the mind and body to let go making room for healing and rest. Relax on your back while Shalom plays his bowls and other calming instruments to take you on a journey like no other. Please bring your personal mat and whatever you need to be comfortable (blanket, pillow, etc.). 

For over 10 years, Shalom Mayberg has been helping people from all over the world relax, heal and find overall balance in order to live a healthier life. He uses traditional healing modalities, which are practical and useful; such as a combination of energy work, Chakra balancing, and intuitive touch. These techniques help to release emotional and physical pain which remove blockages in mind and body. Much of the work Shalom does is transformative and intuitive based; some techniques are centuries old while others are modern day practices.

$15 advance, $20 at door