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Portland School of Shiatsu, Module 5: Wood

  • Wild Hearts Wellness 4230 Northeast Fremont Street Portland, OR, 97213 United States (map)


  • Theory, location, and techniques for the treatment of Gallbladder/Liver meridians

  • Low back and Shoulder protocols

  • Hara diagnosis level 3: exploring meridian function

Portland School of Shiatsu is proud to present our 140 hour Professional Shiatsu Practitioner certification program. Shiatsu is a unique form of bodywork that utilizes Hara diagnosis (a dynamic form of abdominal palpation) that taps into the receivers energetic system. The intention for a Shiatsu session is based on information received in the Hara diagnosis. Treatment involves stimulating the meridians (energetic pathways) throughout the body to create an environment for wholeness and health. Our program offers a comprehensive education focused on learning how to tap into the body’s innate intelligence. In this program we will explore how the natural phenomena of the 5 elements express throughout the body, mind and spirit.

Our coursework integrates Qi cultivation and the development of internal alignment with theory, technique and practice. Our instructors have over 35 years of combined teaching experience. We are excited to share this transformative approach to energy medicine with you. To read more about Us and the school go to