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New Moon in Cancer Gathering

The new moon is a time to set our intentions for the coming month, doing the work of preparing the soil and planting the seeds for the month ahead and beyond. 

The new moon in Cancer has us leaning in to the comfort of home and family. It is a time for tenderness and mindfulness with loved ones. A time to connect deeply with our own emotions and release what no longer serves us. 

Join the Wild Hearts community on Sunday, June 30th for our monthly new moon ceremony. We look forward to spending this time with you!

Learn the astrological eological ( think crystals) aspects of this month’s fertile beginnings. Spend some time in meditation and move through simple yoga postures. No experience necessary!

Plus, create and take home a custom blended oil suited to support this cycle.

$10-20 sliding scale donation

Guided by: Mari, Janelle, Jessica, Marjan

Mari Bartoo Jacobson, Ritual Facilitator + Aromatic Healer: In this human form, each of us have the same fundamental desire: to be happy and healthy in our bodies. Drawing on my deep background in movement, theater, art and essential oils/aromatherapy, I guide, support and collaborate that reality into being for people. I believe that through the process of collaboration, discovery, ritual and fun we can access our unique ability to heal our selves and our communities. I look forward to you joining me!

Janelle Fitzpatrick, 200 RYT: Janelle’s teaching style is rooted in vinyasa and alignment,  and she aims to let her students  refine their practice  and explore their body's needs using awareness of breath linked with asana.  She is grateful for the opportunity to lead practice and build community in Beaumont.

Jessica Goetz, 200 RYT: My whole life I have explored the world through bodily movement and as a result I was drawn to competitive sports at a young age. When I found yoga it was unlike any other athletic endeavor I had experienced. There is no winning, losing, or perfecting yoga. You come as you are to your mat and in the words of my teacher "yoga meets you where you are at." In my 15 plus years of practice, yoga has served me in times when I most needed it and helped me cope with life transitions and embrace new growth.

Marjan Rotting, Geologist: Drawing on her expertise, Marjan supplies the crystal pairings for our oil blend each month.