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Cacao Ceremony and Meditation


Embark on a journey into the HEART of YOU. Cut the cords that are no longer serving you. Allow the higher self to guide you into a new reality fit for your pure intentional living.

Cacao Ceremony and Meditation is an exploration of your precious HEART


Tiffany Stout and Freedom Ciavarello will be leading

q u i t e


a d v e n t u r e

The human experience is multifaceted and our humanness comes from the heart of us. It comes from the compassion of us and it comes from our forgiveness of each other. It comes from the center, your heart heralds your healing. Cacao is medicine for the heart. It is also a re wilding tool and regenerative experience helping to shift the stuck feelings and allow for change to begin happening. Imbibing Cacao in ceremony is a ritual for manifestation and acceptance. We want to share this supportive tool for transformation with you! We want to share with you your profound potential and intuition. We want to guide a divine re connection to the feminine energy of plants and cycles.

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