Dr. Maura Dawgert, L.Ac., DAOM

Maura is an acupuncturist, herbalist, and certified qigong instructor.  She loves treating all patients, with a focus on pain management, women's health, and mental-emotional health.  Maura's journey with traditional Asian medicine began after watching her cousin and aunt pass away from breast cancer.  These experiences motivated her to explore acupuncture and herbal medicine as alternatives to Western medical care.  

She received her  Doctorate from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Master's degree from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, Traditional Asian Bodywork and Acupressure certification from the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, and Bachelor's of Science from Loyola University of Chicago.  After finishing her Master's, she worked in the People's Republic Hospital in Nanjing, China in internal medicine and pediatrics.  She also served as an acupuncturist in rural communities in Nepal.

Maura is an avid wild-crafter of plants and fungi for food and medicine.  She believes local plants have a higher resonance with our bodies and therefore using them as food and medicine produces more potent outcomes in patients' healing.  After years of making herbal products for her patients and loved ones, she decided to use these skills to help the greater global population.  She founded and currently runs Wild Hearts Apothecary,  a 501c3 non-profit that funds healthcare projects in low-income communities.  

Maura also is passionate about empowering  individuals around their health. She teaches seminars and workshops around the country on Aroma Acupoint Therapy, wild-crafting, medicine-making, and qigong.

In her spare time she likes to backpack the Pacific NW with her trusty pup, ski, cook, tinker in her garden, keeps bees, and nerd out on Chinese medicine.